Why Physical Education in Primary Education System?

The importance of teaching physical education in primary schools cannot be overemphasized. Although, most of us questioned its relevance while growing up, at some point in our lives we came to the realization of the benefits. Some of those will be shared shortly.

Physical education as a subject focuses on sporting activities that show the physical activeness of pupils. It engages them in competitive sporting activity and guides them towards embracing healthy and active life styles or habits. The general movement and activity during physical exercises provide very critical input in the lives of young ones.

Lets look at some of these benefits:
  1. Improves Physical Well-being: Children have natural ability and desire to move about. From time of birth to when they take their first step, they seize every opportunity to engage in movement or activities. Active participation of these children in Physical exercise contributes greatly to their general well-being.
  2. Sense of Belonging: The teaching of Physical education gives children the intelligence to be responsible at a very tender age. To avoid getting hurt, kids learn to take care of themselves during each physical exercise session. They also learn to work with others to accomplish task assigned to them. This builds team work.
  3. Improved Health Benefit: The PE lesson plan template (PE: Physical education) guides teachers on drawing comprehensive timetables to ensure regular exercise. It has been revealed that regular exercise improve a child’s heart rate and increase vitality.
  4. Early Sporting Preference: A well known medal award winning gymnast started her training at the age of 5 during PE exercise. Children are easily fascinated with the things they see and watch. A lot of them aspire to be like sport celebrities and develop a liking for a particular sport at a tender age.
  5. It Enhances Efficiency of Classroom Control: Children, particularly younger ones, do not like staying at a place for a prolong period of time. Providing movement activity as a learning aid helps them to participate effectively. The PE lesson plan template is structured to engage pupils during low concentration.

I believe the conclusion here points to the benefits of Physical education in the lives of young children. Do apply same. Build kids today, build tomorrow’s leaders.